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About Us

About Us

A little about Master Caique...
   A direct student of Helio, Relson, and Rickson Gracie, Carlos "Caique" Elias' expertise and knowledge of the technical aspects of jiu-jiitsu are second to none.  Many years of hard training and competition against the world's elite have provided him with an immense understanding of the complete ground game.  When he moves it is with precision and direction; all his energy focused toward the end results - to submit his opponent using the "gentle"persuasion of jiu-jitsu.
   But jiu-jitsu to Caique isn't all about chokes and locks; it is about relationships, friendships and strong bonds with his students.  Out of all the martial arts instructors in North America, Caique is one of the most reserved and respected by those he teaches.  Holding nothing back, Caique has no "hidden" or "secret" techniques - when a student is ready to learn, he teaches.  And this teaching extends to life as well as to the devastating art of jiu-jitsu.  Currently living and teaching in Southern California,Caique teaches his students with the same patience and dedication that he used to become a champion in his native Brazil.



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